The First Polish cities have joined the Open and Agile Cities organization !

The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) is a city-driven, non-profit organization. The overall objective is to create a Smart City market. OASC was founded in January 2015 and came to life with the first wave of cities joining in March 2015. Now in the 4th wave, the first cities from Poland have joined Gdańsk and Grudziądz, together with other cities from Austria, Mexico and Slovenia. All together there are already 89 member cities of OASC. The full list is available at OASC official site.


OASC promotes the use of a shared data set (Open Data) and open standards (FiWare) to develop systems for multiple cities and make them interoperable both between cities, – and within. This philosophy was emphasized by EkinnoLab founder, – Marek Stawinski, who is the OASC representative of Poland. Marek was quoted in OASC 4th Wave announcement : “We are positive that the OASC expertise and networking with other OASC cities will help Polish cities in developing cost effective, innovative Smart Cities solutions based on open standards.”

Ekinnolab’s flagship product NaviParking already follows OpenData standards integrating Amsterdam City SDK and FiWare SDK. NaviParking provides ainformation about parking spaces based on Amsterdam Open Data. If you’d like to see OpenData in action – don’t wait, download our Android or iOS App !

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