NaviParking’s Hospitality Strategy

As a company that specialises in smart parking, we aim to bring digital transformation to cities all around the world in the hopes of reducing the carbon footprint and improving the quality of life of city populations. One of the main sectors we operate in is the hospitality sector, where we help hotel owners digitalise their parking assets and create a more seamless and convenient parking process for hotel guests. In this article, our Brand Manager, Ahmed Rafiey, will take you through our hospitality vision, including what our smart parking product for hotels looks like and why hotels need smart parking.


It has been almost six years since the inception of NaviParking. Since then, the rapidly growing mobility technology company has evolved its purpose from just being a digital parking optimiser to providing a fleet of mobility products and solutions that revolve around the core service of digital parking.

NaviParking’s vision also evolved from providing daily essential people with a seamless and digital experience to making the smart city experience a commodity. A bigger vision, for the greater good.

To realise this vision, NaviParking embarked on a journey of city transformation with the hospitality sector, as this was one of the first global sectors that got negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the challenges facing this sector include: 

  • operational burdens in managing parking facilities, 
  • maintaining a fair standard that satisfies guests and visitors while ensuring safety, comfort and convenience, 
  • ensuring a seamless entry, exit and traffic flow of guests and visitors during peak occupancy seasons, and 
  • difficulty in providing visitors with faster payment options.

You can read more about the challenges faced by hotels here.

Becoming sustainable

While the hospitality sector is continuously facing challenges, we, as individuals, are also contributing to these challenges by consuming services in hospitality that are not sustainable and healthy for our planet. Granted, as humans, we have a need to travel and experience things that we most probably would not experience back home. As employees and employers, we have the same need in order to conduct business in the most efficient manner while also maintaining an upscale standard of experience during business trips.

We use many of the services that are provided for us by various players in hospitality to maintain our comfort, ease of access and efficiency. In return, through consuming these services (eg. parking), we create high levels of carbon footprints registered to our names. While many nowadays are conscious enough to minimise their individual impact on our planet’s health and wellbeing in the pursuit of luxurious aspirations, some are too busy to notice.

Therefore, our mission is to provide all the standards within the hospitality sector and to ensure that they are sustainable for our planet. It starts with sustainable technology that offers a total digital parking solution in order to help hotels and restaurants sustain their operations, provide a rich, comfortable and easy experience for guests and visitors, and most importantly, reduce the accumulation of collective carbon footprint. Furthermore, solution-based digital services include instant parking reservations and instant mobile payments through and with various methods, including QR codes, reservations and EV charging stations.

NaviParking’s Hospitality Strategy

Our strategy is to transform the nature of travelling for a higher standard of living. It is based on our core DNA that revolves around the concept of sustainability, this time, in the hospitality sector.

Driven by this strategy, we are constantly having conversations with hotel groups to provide the value behind our solutions, some of which are:

  1. Creating a competitive edge that helps hotels grow and attract more guests through adopting digital parking, and monetising services such as EV charging, automated entry and exit, validation for events and restaurants and instant mobile payment.
  2. Increasing hotels’ overall income through digital parking monetisation and making use of unoccupied spaces for non-visitors without the need to build more parking infrastructure. This is followed by robust revenue management from the parking sector.
  3. Expanding hotel amenities to upscale sustainable services through cross-selling possibilities whereby digital parking can enable digital discounts and offers for in-house restaurants, lounges, event halls and spas. All through scanning a QR code.
  4. Aiding strategic decisions by providing crucial insights based on data analysis from our parking mobile applications and platforms.

Therefore, providing a sustainable level of comfort, ease of access, and efficiency driven by digitalisation within the hospitality sector.

Our evolving efforts

In recent months, we have been growing our portfolio by including more hotels from a variety of groups who now have evolving digital parking services for their guests, visitors, and even individuals looking for parking. Therefore, we strive for the day when we witness every hotel fully digitalised. That is why we are also working with partners from different domains to bring about not just the spark towards digitalisation, but also a full package of digital transformations to the hospitality sector.

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Having started his career as an entrepreneur in the creative and consulting sectors six years ago, Ahmed Rafiey is a luxury brand strategist by degree, NaviParking’s very own Global Brand Manager and Country Manager in Bahrain. Ahmed is responsible for brand strategy development for NaviParking’s products and solutions, devising strategic directions on a global scale and overseeing operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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