It’s time to expand


There are plenty of mobile applications and it’s almost impossible to know them all. They offer limitless options, features and possibilities. NaviParking isn’t all that different – you can easily find other applications which would help you with finding a parking spot. Why is this one worth your time then? Why should we choose it over the others?

The team who is working on this project consists of young, ambitious people led by experienced leaders. Their goal is not just to make a good, popular “product” because NaviParking is not a goal itself. You’re not getting in a car just to drive a few miles and then park somewhere, right? That’s not the point. You’re driving because you want to get somewhere and do something. That’s why creating NaviParking is not an end. It’s a beginning – a means to creating a large cooperative system between different facilities, centers and offices.

What is the very first thing you think about when you go somewhere? Entertainment and recreation, probably. When you reach your destination, you might see on your map many so-called “POIs” – Points of Interest. That way, you can find out about nearby restaurants, hairdressers, cinemas or ATMs. Thanks to that, you can immediately go to the proper place when you arrive, depending on whether you’re hungry, in need of cash or just want to rest.

But organizing leisure time is just one thing. Luckily, the NaviParking team has a very reasonable approach, which is why they focus on everything that potential customers might need, not just a sandwich. This is how the idea appeared – to cooperate with different institutions and facilities, thinking about those who are in need. For example, they’re thinking about people who have lung or leg problems and they’re incapable of long distance walking. Thanks to NaviParking they can make a reservation which allows them to choose the closest parking space to their destination. Moreover, they’re planning to distinguish parking spots dedicated to people who are disabled and wide parking spaces dedicated to parents with baby strollers, women in advanced pregnancy or those transporting the elderly on crutches or wheelchairs.

We all know many examples of applications whose purpose is simply to entertain, but besides de-stressing or to killing time on a bus (God forbid during work hours!) they have nothing else to offer. That’s why is good to appreciate something which allows us to have fun (reserving a parking spot before going to the cinema or restaurant) and solves everyday problems too (making a reservation on the car park near hospital or city hall).

Nowadays we can observe an amazing evolution of mobile applications, which are getting more and more valuable and useful, not only in the entertainment field. It’s time for them to become tools which allow us to make our lives easier. NaviParking is still planning to implement all those ideas and they’ve already started working on it. The team has still a long way to go, but we cannot deny their commitment and persistence on their path.