Conference in Brussels


November is a very active month for us. We just took part in the Smart City Expo World Congress on 15-17th of November, and then we were present at the Festival of Innovation and Technology (November 17-18), and we’ve already got an invitation to the next event!

On 22 and 23 November in Brussels we will be participating in the seminar “Urban Development Network”, which will bring together the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities, transport innovators and communities and cities investing in European Structural and Investment Funds on urban mobility challenges.

Attendance at this highly interactive workshop will offer us an opportunity to meet cities, innovative demonstration projects, practitioner networks, financing organisations, the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities (the Urban Mobility Cluster) and/or cities investing Structural Funds on urban mobility challenges.

We will be able to learn about state of the art in innovative and tested urban transport solutions like electric buses, cleaner logistics, shared mobility, walking and cycling, and new mobility services. Urban mobility experts and experienced practitioners will bring in their knowledge on the development and implementation of innovative mobility solutions, on financing and on tools for  sharing knowledge.

Website: Urban Development Network