20171127 - Rotterdam , Netherland - Cities Forum 2017 , working together for better cities.(c) European Union - Fred Guerdin/Patrick Mascart

November 27 2017, Cambridge Innovation Center, Rotterdam

On the first day of the 3rd annual Cities Forum 2017, the hot top of Urban Mobility was held at the Cambridge Innovation Centre, situated next to the Rotterdam Central station.

The first speakers, and co-coordinators gave an introduction and presented the current state of play. Since February 2017, the Partnership on Urban Mobility has worked towards defining actions which aim to contribute to and influence European legislation, funding and knowledge exchange. The partnership is currently working to integrate suggested actions into its draft Action Plan with a completion horizon of January 2018. It will take due account of both the results of the public consultation and the expected feedback from the DGUM in its further implementation-activities.

During the Q&A the mayor of Nijmegen asked a controversial question, ‘all information is still unclear, can you give an example of what is currently being implemented in a country?’ It was explained how mobility services in cities of Denmark are using an approach which is comparable to ‘streaming’, Namely: Spotify and Netflix. The Netflix of mobility it was called.

Later, a speaker of CIVITAS,  Matilde Chinellato announced a call for candidates to work with their 5 urban mobility projects to:
– provide advice & guidance
– capitalize their knowledge
– share their good practice & experiences

Application must be before March 9, 2018:

Later we toured Rotterdam Station and learned the ins and outs, benefits and challenges it faced during construction.

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Lois Hendrikse