VDI Conference – Smart Last Mile Delivery

What logistics and parking have in common? Parking facilities can serve as switching points for last mile delivery, for example by public transit, electric cars or cargo bikes. That topic was addressed by Marek Stawinski and Iwona Skowronek during the International VDI Conference “Smart Last Mile Delivery” taking place on 5-6 December in Hamburg.

Parking facilities with redundant space can become pick-up and drop-off points for consumers and serve for collection of parcel from the hubs. It all boils down to increasing mobility efficiency, interlinking data from ITS operators, logistics companies and parking to predict optimal route, time and parking for freight delivery. Smart parking can prevent unnecessary traffic and contribute to CO2 mitigation by becoming a switching point to more ecofriendly mode of last mile transit. Digitalised transport and building public-private partnerships in mobility ecosystem are necessary components of the transformation into green and sustainable logistics.

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