6th European Conference on SUMP in Groningen

During the 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in Groningen, Iwona Skowronek – as a NaviParking representative – shared her insights about the role of digital parking technologies in making parking policy more aligned with sustainable urban mobility planning. Iwona’s speech emphasized the evolving role of parking in the context of personalized, interconnected mobility leading to more efficient and accessible transport while addressing environmental and economic goals. 

Integration of smart parking with logistics and its contribution to electromobility transition as well as the adoption of micromobility gained special interest. Dedicated parking space for shared bikes and scooters can help to regulate new mobility services operations. And Groningen is a perfect place to experience all the mentioned aspects of sustainable mobility in one place. The conference was followed by a cycling tour through the city’s smart cycling routes and smart cycling intersections. Lots of endorphins for participants!