Digital Parking in the Center of Warsaw

Novotel Warsaw Center and NaviParking team launched a solution for parking problems. For drivers coming to Warsaw Center, they modernized and digitalized a hotel parking that’s now accessible in the Navipay app. NaviPay enables drives to navigate, park, and pay for parking with a mobile phone.

After months of preparations, testing, and auditing – the Digital Parking in the very center of Warsaw has been launched! 720 parking spots owned by the Novotel Centrum and located in the very heart of Warsaw, have now become digital. It has come with the introduction of our new app – NaviPay – dedicated to mobile payments for parking. It is first of that kind implementation in Poland (if not in Europe) – when it comes to the digital fees for parking at a private parking facility.

Thanks to the very center and prestigious location, this parking in the heart of the Warsaw offers convenient access from nearby streets: Marszałkowska, Krucza, Nowogrodzka, Żurawia, Wspólna or Alei Jerozolimskich, with the entrance from Parkingowa street. 

The NaviPay parking app is available to a free download from the Google Play Store and from the App Store.


How to park in Warsaw Center digitally?

The status of parking, showing if there is available space in the parking, can be checked from the NaviPay app. After arriving at the facility and scanning the parking ticket with the use of the app, a user can benefit from convenient mobile payments – without the need to go to the payment kiosk.

As a door reader controls access to this multilevel parking, it opens by a digital ticket in the parking app. The user may forget about carrying the paper parking ticket. When leaving the car park, the barrier automatically goes up – as the app user is recognized based on the plate recognition and information about completed mobile payment.

The team behind the app is already working on proving seamless drive-through experience, where all parking operations would happen in the background. At the same time, the driver wouldn’t need to touch the mobile phone at all. In the upcoming months, the app will also enable drivers to book a spot and rent long-term parking directly from the app.

What are the benefits of digital parking for drivers, citizens, and the environment?

Digital parking allows the owner to easier manage the parking occupancy and decrease the workload on the staff while improving the parking monetization. Drivers avoid circling, looking for the free spot, and risking leaving a car on the pavement. Digital parking enables drivers to quickly and safely park their vehicles and conveniently go about their businesses. For nearby citizens and workers, it allows stress-free parking close to the desired destination. The environment is also beneficial here because of less traffic, pollution, and noise around the digitalized parking.

Currently, there are two more such parking in Poland. One is located in Gdańsk – at Novotel Gdansk Center, and the second one in Warsaw, at IPI PAN on Jana Kazimierza str., in Wola district. The list builds up, enabling more people in cities to live a better lives.