In the midst of the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, on the 9th of March 2020, all our team including employees from international subsidiaries have switched to working remotely from home. We have also decided to invest all our efforts into introducing Smart Parking solutions to address the current challenges, especially in relation to supply chain optimization. Thanks to digital and “touchless” operations, we aim to have a positive impact on limiting the spread of this pandemic.

Given that our team members are based in multiple locations around the world – among others, in Poland, the Netherlands, UAE, and Bahrain – we are already used to digital forms of communication. For this reason, NaviParking’s switch to fully-remote working in the time of COVID-19 emergency was smooth and has not impacted the quality of our work. We are convinced that this unusual situation will strengthen our remote teamwork and bring us together even more than ever before, helping improving communication within the team and developing our Virtual Office capabilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole NaviParking team keeps the social quarantine and supports each other, both in professional and personal matters. 

Our company would like to wish our clients, partners, and their families a safe and healthy quarantine time. While continuing to wash your hands, don’t forget to disinfect your smartphones regularly too.