Get to know Angelika

Tell us about your role at NaviParking.

I work as the Head of Innovation and Program Management. It cannot be described in only a few words because there are so many complex things tied together to make this role successful that even a couple of sentences are not enough. I will try though 🙂

Innovation is something that when you see it or experience it, you say: ‘WOW!’ The more you focus on it, the less possibility there is for it to happen. It may be a small thing that relates to the operational excellence in the organization, new functionality for the product you develop or a brand new concept that may lead to something totally new. It’s not only about the idea and the plan, but what to do with this idea. If you really want to be innovative and make sure innovation happens in your organisation, you need to think holistically, not only about the possible value but also the risk it may take, all the consequences it may bring, about all the connections it may have, AND at the same time, make sure the idea, the great thing that made you think WOW, is implemented. If this brings improvement or success, then you have done a great job. This is my role at NaviParking 🙂

What is it about NaviParking that makes you proud to work here?

We drastically change the way people think about parking, smart mobility and what’s more, about smart cities. Have you ever thought about the Digital Parking of the future and QR code payment possibilities? We do things that make our lives easier in a way someone has not been even able to imagine. 

Describe the best part of your job.

Transformation and Innovation. My role requires leading and driving ideas, moving them forward and making sure they make an impact. We should not settle, we should not consider things as done as they can ALWAYS be improved, no matter how hard you worked on them. This is the way I think about everything, let’s move on, let’s improve it. Do you think it is good? Well, let’s make it even better. Can we do it the way someone has never done before? For sure, let’s see!

What are you inspired by?

Well… tricky question – there are a lot of great things and people that impact and have impacted my life. Everything that changes, influences and improves the way I think, do things, changes my vision on something and provides me with great insights are my inspiration.

What’s remote work like for you?

I pretty much like it right now 🙂 It’s been over a year since I started working from home, and I strongly believe that changes and challenges in life are keys to personal development. I would definitely admit that it was a big change for me as I am a people-oriented person. I love people who are around me-morning coffees in the office, lunches together and small talks between meetings or during breaks were really important aspects of my life. Is it different right now? Undoubtedly yes, I miss these small talks and lunches together during breaks with people around BUT at the same time, I have an impression that the number of calls doubled or even tripled in comparison to the years when I worked from the office. We are no longer waiting in a queue to prepare freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen, but we still drink this coffee together 🙂

What do you do when you’re not at work? Do you have any hobbies?

Of course, I do! Everyone should have a passion, only things that involve our creativity and freedom may help us to be even more innovative and creative in the next items we tackle whether personally or professionally. Everyone needs space, time to think, time to focus and gather thoughts together. What do I do? I love running, this is MY TIME, the time when I just follow the path, reset my mind, listen to music, breathe and imagine how much practice I need to run the Boston marathon ( joking 🙂 ). Nevertheless, usually, when I feel the pain in my muscles, my heart almost explodes, and when I imagine (no matter if it’s a forest long run or a quick 5km) I am at the finish line, I know I am alive. I know I am free and there are sooooo many great things to do, so.. why do we waste time, let’s do them!

Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you.

That may sound strange to hear for some of you, but everything I do now is being done, BUT at the same time, I think about what I will do next, where would I go next, what happens next. This is not the end, there is for sure something else we can do. This impacts not only my professional life but also my personal life. Example? When I am on holidays, and I travel pretty often, I ALWAYS (even before I am back) think about my next destination. I just pick a place in my head to THEN think how to organise the trip, what I would like to see there, what is the currency and the language they speak, etc.

Klaudia Żychowska

Klaudia Żychowska is a Polish native who grew up in Chicago. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Professional Writing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she decided to move back to Poland to reconnect with her roots. She is fascinated by smart cities and innovative technologies and is responsible for content strategy at NaviParking.

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