Weekly News Update 23.03-29.03

A news highlight about what’s new with the tech industry, smart cities and smart mobility in the past week.

Google, Facebook and Twitter testify before US Congress

The CEOs of Google, Facebook and Twitter, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey testified about how fake news spreads across their online platforms before the US Congress. Read more here.

Microrobots treat mouse brain tumours in new study

In China, researchers conducted a study in which microscopic robots deliver cancer-fighting drugs to mouse brains in order to treat tumours. Read more here.

AI backpack helps people with visual impairments move around

Researchers from the University of Georgia have created an AI backpack that helps individuals with visual impairments navigate without the use of canes or dogs, offering functions such as detection of traffic signs, crosswalks and street curbs, notifying users about obstacles with audio cues and notifications. Read more here.

Sophia the robot sells NFT artwork for almost $700,000

The AI humanoid robot Sophia has auctioned off her NFT artwork, titled Sophia Instantiation, for almost $700,000. Read more here.

Face recognition can still work if you’re wearing a mask

There are multiple face recognition technologies that successfully identify individuals who have a mask on, one of which was tested by the US Department of Homeland Security and found to have a 96% success rate, and another tried out by Disney World in an effort to create a touchless customer experience.  Read more here.

NHS uses AI to detect the risk of heart attack

CaRi-Heart, an AI tool, is being used by the NHS to detect and treat patients who are at risk of heart attack by spotting minor problems that signal heart attacks years before they happen. Read more here.

Apple Music launching project that helps with speech issues

“Saylists” is a new project by Apple Music created to help young people with speech-sound disorders by selecting songs that repeat challenging sounds such as Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now. Read more here.

Teslas can now be bought in Bitcoin

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced that customers can pay for Tesla cars with Bitcoin. The announcement was made using Twitter. Read more here.

OneWeb launches 36 satellites into orbit

Soyuz rocket has sent 36 OneWeb satellites into orbit in the efforts of further testing a system that will deliver broadband internet connections from space. Read more here.

Burberry designs outfits for video game characters

Luxury fashion house Burberry has designed outfits for the characters of one of China’s biggest video games, Honor of Kings. Read more here.

China’s biggest carmaker to launch car brand that takes on Tesla

Geely, China’s leading automobile manufacturer, will be launching a premium electric car brand called Zeekr as a rival to Elon Musk’s Tesla. Read more here.

Liverpool to become a global leader in drone technology

Liverpool is launching Phoenix I, a project in collaboration with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) and the Drone Major Group, which is part of a larger initiative and is to set Liverpool as a global leader in drones. Read more here.

East Africa’s first 5G network to launch

Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications provider, has started trials for a 5G high-speed internet network in four Kenyan cities and towns and will further expand in the next 12 months. Read more here.

Self-driving truck startup Kodiak and lidar maker Hesai Technology announce partnership

Silicon Valley’s self-driving truck startup Kodiak has partnered up with Shanghai-based lidar maker Hesai Technology in an effort to bring the Chinese lidar, which helps self-driving cars detect nearby objects, into their trucking system. Read more here.

India’s government makes the first move to regulate cryptocurrency

India’s government has made it mandatory for all of the country’s companies to disclose all of their dealings in cryptocurrency in their balance sheets, its first move towards regulating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Read more here.

Dubai Municipality announces 70 digital initiatives

Dubai Municipality has brought forward plans for a new digital strategy that includes 70 initiatives in various sectors such as city management and customer experience. Read more here.

Abu Dhabi to make UAE’s first quantum computer

Abu Dhabi’s research centre will be building United Arab Emirates’ first quantum computer which will help with discovering new medicines, making new materials and more. Read more here.

Drako Motors takes its electric GTE for winter testing

EV startup Drako Motors announced it has taken its 1,200 horsepower GTE hypercar out for winter testing in Colorado. Read more here.

Prince Harry is Silicon Valley startup’s new tech exec

The Duke of Sussex has been appointed Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp, a San Francisco-based startup that focuses on mental health. Read more here.

Biden to nominate Big Tech critic Lina Khan to FTC commissioner

US President Joe Biden announced he will be nominating Lina Khan, an antitrust advocate and monopoly critic, to serve as a commissioner in the Federal Trust Commission. Read more here.

LA plans on achieving 100% clean energy by 2035

Although Los Angeles is still burning coal for electricity, a new study commissioned by the city has concluded that LA is capable of achieving 98% clean energy in the next decade and of achieving 100% by 2035 and the city has a plan for making this happen. Read more here.

Cyber-attack of Australia’s Channel Nine TV Network

This past Sunday, Australia’s Channel Nine TV Network was cyber-attacked, causing several shows not to be aired, and the attack is currently being investigated. Australia’s parliament is also investigating another possible cyber-attack in Canberra. Read more here.

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