NaviParking Enterprise now on AWS

We are proud to announce that NaviParking Enterprise, our flagship product for corporate parking, is now on a new cloud platform: Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

We always strive to give our clients the best possible parking solutions. With AWS, we are closer to our clients while continuing to grow and expand, and our products and services are even more effective and innovative than before.  

In particular, we are able to further increase data security, so our users’ data is always locked down and protected thanks to our very own completely private cluster that is composed of all databases and with the use of highly effective cloud security tools, such as encrypted login credentials and logging infrastructure, which allows for a more advanced data collection without the need for third parties. 

We have improved the three core elements of cloud use, which are scalability, durability and availability. Scalability allows for a flexible and seamless adaptation to changes in the sizes and amount of resources, such as expanding memory. Durability is the reliability of having all of AWS’s regions be cross related so that in case one region has an issue, traffic from that region can be easily and quickly moved to another. Both of these contribute to the availability of our products, as with improved scalability and durability, our products and services are constantly available to our users without any types of interruptions or downtime. 

Additionally, we can continuously develop our systems, implementing updates in a way that is more safe, efficient and frequent without any risk of downtime for the user, and have a monitoring infrastructure in place to oversee everything in the system so that in the case a fault occurs, we can spot it and react to it before the user is even aware of it. 

One of the AWS regions utilised by NaviParking is located in Bahrain, where we have recently expanded, which will allow us to keep our cloud resources secure and close to our customers in that region.  

We believe that this new partnership with AWS will make us and our products stronger. Since we work for the best, we also want to work with the best, and AWS is currently one of the best cloud platform providers. Thank you to everyone on our team who made this happen!

Klaudia Żychowska

Klaudia Żychowska is a Polish native who grew up in Chicago. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Professional Writing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she decided to move back to Poland to reconnect with her roots. She is fascinated by smart cities and innovative technologies and is responsible for content strategy at NaviParking.

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