Weekly News Update 11.05-17.05

A news highlight about what’s new with the tech industry, smart cities and smart mobility in the past week.

Self-driving taxi blocks road due to traffic cone confusion

Waymo, the first fully self-driving taxi service legally allowed to operate in Arizona, became confused about a lane closed off with traffic cones and blocked a road. Read more here.

Irish health service hit by cyberattack

The Irish health service computer system has been hit by a serious ransomware cyberattack, causing the health service to temporarily shut down its IT system. Read more here.

Robot to undertake deep ocean exploration

Okeanos, a submersible robot developed by engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, will be sent off the US East Coast in the Atlantic Ocean to navigate and explore the deep ocean. Read more here.

Invention of eco-friendly battery

Researchers from Texas A&M University have designed a biological battery that runs on proteins and is environmentally-friendly. Read more here.

Drones deliver HIV medicine in Uganda

Health workers in Uganda are now delivering antiretroviral (ARV) medicines by drones to over 70 local communities located in remote areas. Read more here.

Paralyzed man can not turn his imagined handwriting into text with Brain-To-Text tech

Brain-computer interface (BCI) has enabled a paralysed 65-year-old man to communicate by turning his imagined handwriting into actual words on a screen. Read more here.

Snapchat introduces new climate strategy

The tech company, Snapchat, has announced their new climate strategy, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also plan on purchasing 100% renewable energy and remaining carbon neutral. Read more here.

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