Weekly News Update 25.05-31.05

A news highlight about what’s new with the tech industry, smart cities and smart mobility in the past week.

Teslas to monitor awareness levels of drivers

In Tesla’s new software update, the cars appear to be able to monitor the awareness level of the driver and check how attentive they are with the use of cameras when the car has the “self-driving” feature Autopilot turned on. Read more here.

Microsoft says Russian hackers responsible for new wave of cyberattacks

Microsoft has said a new wave of cyberattacks targeted at government agencies and human rights groups in 24 countries is the doing of hackers from Russia. Read more here.

Self-driving shuttles to be trialled in Cambridge

Auto-Shuttles, self-driving vehicles that carry up to 10 people, are going to be put on a trial route and tested out alongside other transport in Cambridge. Read more here.

High-tech earrings for cows provide traceability

In one of Wyoming’s ranches, cows are wearing high-tech earrings that transfer real-time data on the location and biometrics of the cows through Bluetooth, which increases herd value. Read more here.

New smartphone app monitors blood oxygen levels and pulse rate

CarePlix Vitals, a mobile app developed by the start-up CareNow, can monitor blood oxygen levels, respiration and pulse rates, using only the smartphone camera thanks to AI technology. The goal is to monitor COVID-19 symptoms without going to the hospital. Read more here.

Sony AI sensors to monitor parking spaces and pedestrian numbers in Rome

Sony is to release its IMX500 image sensors with AI processing functionality in Rome. The sensors are going to monitor parking spaces and pedestrian numbers with the aim of reducing pollution and reducing accidents at pedestrian crossings. Read more here. 

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