Weekly News Update 08.06-14.06

A news highlight about what’s new with the tech industry, smart cities and smart mobility in the past week.

Tech firms helping bees with remote monitoring

Tech firms, such as Ireland’s ApisProtect are creating technologies that enable the remote monitoring of bees and the collection of data including temperature and humidity through wireless in-hive sensors. Read more here.

US lawmakers introduce 5 bills that target Big Tech

US lawmakers have introduced a total of five bills that are aimed to limit the power of Big Tech, such as Facebook and Google, and address topics such as data and mergers. Read more here.

Virgin Atlantic considers flying taxis

The airline Virgin Atlantic is exploring whether they could launch flying taxis from towns to major airports as part of their partnership with Vertical Aerospace. Read more here.

El Salvador the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender

El Salvador has become the first country to officially make Bitcoin a legal currency, making it accepted everywhere for goods and services. Read more here.

AWS to open data centre in Israel

Amazon Web Services has announced that it will open data centres in Israel after Israel signed a deal with AWS and Google. Read more here.

Launch of Grace, new healthcare robot

In Hong Kong, a new healthcare robot named Grace designed to interact with the elderly and patients isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic is being launched. Read more here.

Elon Musk’s Boring Loop opens

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has opened its first underground Loop 40 feet beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read more here.

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