Digital Parking Lot at Ibis Warsaw Old Town

At NaviParking, our goal is to revolutionise the parking industry with the use of technology in order to improve the quality of life of city populations, have a positive impact on the planet and contribute to the smart city ecosystem. 

Our most recent implementation in Warsaw is a digital parking lot belonging to the Ibis Warsaw Old Town hotel located next to Old Town. The facility is located in the centre of the city, near the stadium of the Polonia football club in Warsaw. The implementation of the project for another Accor group hotel brings us one step closer to achieving the goals and vision of the founder and CEO of NaviParking – Marek Stawiński. Our mission, which we have been consistently implementing for 6 years, is to provide simple, comfortable, sustainable and digital parking solutions.

The second hotel parking lot of the Accor group we digitised, the lot at Ibis Warsaw Old Town, demonstrates the convenience we aim to bring to the user and the simplicity of management we aim to provide the parking management with. 

Ibis Warsaw Old Town has gained a new dimension. Fully supported by a mobile application, it offers the convenience we want to provide to drivers and the simplicity of management that we try to provide to owners and managers of parking lots.

The convenience of using a digital parking lot results not only from the improvement of the parking process, the possibility of accessing parking using a phone or multiple available forms of mobile payments. Convenience is also connected with the great location of the parking lot, in a district where it is difficult to find a free and safe place to park. The location of the parking lot is perfect for anyone who lives in Warsaw and has business to do in the city centre or has an appointment near or in the Old Town. The solution will also work for tourists who come to Warsaw by car and want to visit the Old Town without planning a stay for more than one day but want to leave the car in a safe and secure place. Digital parking operated by a mobile application also means a simple search for a free parking space, contactless entry and exit from the parking lot and payment for a parking space using many forms of payment available on a smartphone.

The solution implemented in Ibis Warsaw Old Town is based on our proprietary, patented solution called “access controller” installed in the parking lot, which is an IoT-type solution that ensures a smooth and efficient parking experience through an internet connection with the driver’s phone.

That is why all parking users need to gain access to the Ibis Warsaw Old Town parking lot is their smartphone. By downloading the NaviPay mobile application on their phones, drivers have quick access to parking navigation, prices and the real-time availability of parking spaces before entering the facility. The mobile application allows you to open the parking barrier by simply dragging the button in the application without leaving the vehicle and coming in contact with external surfaces or the parking lot staff.

Our NaviPay mobile application significantly improves the quality of customer service. NaviPay reduces the amount of hassle and stress that usually comes with parking in big cities and replaces it with convenience and accessibility, enabling drivers to benefit from simple, safe and stress-free parking.

Parking lot owners and administrators also experience numerous positive aspects and benefits of implementing a digital parking solution. Thanks to the access to an intuitive and personalised administration panel, which can be accessed on the Internet via a website, parking administrators can easily monitor all things that occur in the parking lot, manage parking data and generate reports. That optimises and simplifies the entire parking management system, maximising profit and minimising hassle. Thanks to NaviPay, parking lot owners have access to a parking solution that is flexible, tailored to their needs and adaptable to the constantly changing demand for parking space. An important factor when choosing NaviParking solutions is also the increase in parking lot occupancy and the resulting revenues, proven by our current clients.

We appreciate the Accor group trusting us to digitalise the parking lot at another one of their hotels. We hope to continue bringing convenience and accessibility to more parking lots in the near future. 

We are proud that the Accor group has entrusted us with the digitisation of another car park of the Ibis hotel chain. We hope that in the near future we will provide technology, convenience and ease of use of the car park in other hotel facilities.

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